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SMART Education

our traditional education was based on one-way learning and designed to prepare students to work in a manufacturing-based economy. This model is now redundant. Today’s students, exposed to digital technology from birth, do best in an interactive environment – where learning is experiential and involves high levels of sensory stimulation. Globalization and technology advances are rapidly changing skill requirements. Tomorrow’s graduates will primarily be employed as knowledge workers in our services-based economy.

Smart Education Technology opens the door to richer learning tools and encourages more engaging teaching techniques. Our easy to use Smart Education Technology Solutions transform student learning experience and bring more collaboration and interactivity into the classroom.


SMAFTCO supplies varieties of hardware and software products including:


  • Interactive Whiteboards , Displays, and Interactive Projectors.
  • Interactive Response System.
  • Smart Table Interactive Learning Center.
  • Classroom Management System.
  • Collaborative Learning Software.