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SMART Logistics

Smart Logistics is a function of new thinking. Logistics information that was previously created by people will increasingly be generated by sensors, RFID tags, meters, actuators, GPS and other devices and systems. In terms of visibility, Logisticss not only will be able to see more events, but also witness them as they occur. They will rely less on labor-based tracking and monitoring, as objects like shipping containers, trucks, products and parts report on themselves.

Smart Logisticss will take advantage of unprecedented levels of interaction, not only with customers, suppliers and IT systems in general, but also among objects that are monitoring or even flowing through the Logistics.


SMAFTCO offers a variety of Smart Logistics Technology including:


  • Fleet, Personnel, Goods, and Equipments Tracking.
  • Inventory Management and Control.
  • Warehouse Automation.
  • Access Control and Surveillance.