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SMART Transportation

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applies advanced technologies of electronics, communications, computers, control and sensing and detecting in all kinds of transportation system in order to improve safety, efficiency and service, and traffic situation through transmitting real-time information.


SMAFTCO and its alliances supply varieties of related systems including:


  • Traffic Engineering and Modeling.
  • Full Adaptive Traffic Management and Optimization System.
  • Traffic Control and Monitoring Center.
  • Traffic Signalization Control Systems.
  • Electronic Detection System (EDS) for Detecting Rules Violation.
  • Camera Systems.
  • Traffic Measurement Systems.
  • Variable Message Systems (VMS).
  • Communication Systems.
  • Video Analytics.
  • Vehicles and Taxi Telematics.
  • Vehicle Tracking And Fleet Management.
  • Vehicle Telemetry Systems.
  • LED - Based Information Systems.
  • Parking Information and Direction System.